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Se sistematizó la experiencia de formación en salud pública a través de la VCPH en Colombia en el periodo 2012-2019. La información se presenta en series temporales transversales para mostrar la evolución de la VCPH en Colombia a lo largo del tiempo.

Un total de 2 627 profesionales de la salud tomaron cursos tutorizados y 34 012 siguieron cursos de autoaprendizaje en temas relevantes, actualizados y prioritarios de salud pública. Un aspecto importante fue la oportunidad de acceder a regiones remotas a través de los procesos de formación de la VCPH que no tuvieron costo para los usuarios finales. La experiencia destaca la relevancia de la VCPH en la reducción de la brecha de talento humano actualizado en el campo de la salud a través de la educación virtual con diversidad en sus modalidades y contenidos.

La reconstrucción de la experiencia en Colombia mostró cómo la VCPH evolucionó y se fortaleció para ofrecer procesos de formación de calidad que responden a los problemas y necesidades del país. El trabajo colaborativo entre las universidades y la Organización Panamericana de la Salud dio como resultado la consolidación de la VCPH.

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Higher education is of vital importance for the professional development of a society. This, in turn, guarantees economic, social and labor growth and improves the living conditions of a country. That is why the main investment of a nation should be in education. Quality Leadership University is the university in Panama accredited to offer the best bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Students who attend university in Panama have excellent educational benefits. They receive high quality education that prepares them to face a new professional vision that will lead them to success in their lives. In addition, there are economic benefits. A university student can earn twice the income of a high school graduate.

Moreover, in its firm commitment to offer the best quality education. This university has implemented a series of academic agreements with other universities. These are recognized worldwide. For example, there are agreements with the University of Louisville, Illinois State University, Universidad de Chile, among others.

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It is incredible how many options there are to expand professional knowledge. Nowadays, we have a wide range of programs for studies that will optimize our academic degree, without having to leave aside the work experience.

Before starting any online learning, most of us may be skeptical and doubtful of distance learning educational tools, but with the technology in which we are all involved today, it is not a problem to acquire knowledge through it.

As an experience we can say that studying at a distance (online) allows to keep in sync both personal and professional life. It allows to promote intellectual knowledge while continuing to exercise the profession and extending work experience, which is demanded by so many companies when recruiting. In contrast to face-to-face studies, this is another positive factor that distance studies have in their favor.