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Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology in Spain

Where can I study the Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology? Do I need a Master’s Degree to work as a psychologist? What is the PIR? If you are studying or have a degree in Psychology and you have these questions, we will help you to solve them.

There are many doubts about the psychologist’s profession. Some graduates and students of the Degree in Psychology do not know what they should do when they finish their degree: a master’s degree or a competitive examination? With a degree in psychology you can work in the fields of education, human resources, sports or law, but not in the health or clinical fields, since in this case you need to complete your training with a qualifying master’s degree.

The master’s degree includes a basic module with the scientific and professional foundations of Health Psychology; a specific module of evaluation and diagnosis in Health Psychology, intervention in Health Psychology and training in basic skills of General Health Psychologist; elective subjects, external practices and a Master’s Final Project.

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The Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology is conceived as an advanced postgraduate program, professionalizing in the field of clinical work in Health Psychology, which will allow graduates to practice the regulated profession of General Health Psychologist, whose practice requires the possession of the corresponding official Master’s degree.

“I decided to do my Master’s degree at CEU because of the close and personalized treatment.  I had the opportunity to do internships both in a hospital and in a psychology clinic and in three different fields of psychology. That helped me decide what I wanted to do in the future.”

The Master’s Degree will train psychologists to work, from the perspective of the regulated profession of General Health Psychologist, in various psychological assistance devices, such as private practices in liberal practice, health centers in primary health care, educational and special psychoeducational care centers, child development and early care centers, centers for the care of minors and abused women, psychosocial rehabilitation centers for the chronically ill, care centers for people with dementia, residential centers for the elderly, centers for intervention in drug addiction, etc.

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El documento PDF recoge la ordenación académica inicialmente aprobada en Junta de Facultad. Todas las modificaciones realizadas con posterioridad (correcciones de erratas, etc.) no necesariamente estarán reflejadas en el mismo.

Este documento PDF recoge los horarios inicialmente aprobados en Junta de Facultad. Todas las modificaciones realizadas con posterioridad (correcciones de erratas etc.) no estarán reflejadas en el mismo.

El Máster Europeo en Química Teórica y Modelización Computacional se articula en 120 créditos ECTS y pueden acceder a él los estudiantes que tengan una licenciatura en Química, en Física de los Materiales, o cualquier otro estudio científico.

El segundo año tiene un marcado carácter internacional. Incluye un curso intensivo equivalente a 30 ECTS (septiembre) que será impartido por los mejores especialistas del consorcio y por expertos llegados de terceros países. Los 30 créditos restantes se dedicarán a la actividad de investigación. Al menos tres meses de esta actividad de investigación se llevarán a cabo en otra universidad del consorcio

Master’s degree in general health psychology

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