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The course is eminently multidisciplinary and its purpose is to provide students with a theoretical background as well as extensive practical experience and skills in the fabrication and characterization of nanostructured materials and devices with applications in key areas of nanochemistry, nanophysics and nanobiomedicine.

The course is taught entirely in English by highly qualified members of the INA, ICMA and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zaragoza, with the participation of staff from other national and international centers and industry representatives.

The master’s degree is divided into six compulsory subjects (36 ECTS credits) that include theoretical classes, tutorials, laboratory practices and case studies. In addition, students will take two of the four elective modules offered. The course also includes a master’s thesis (14 ECTS credits). Students will choose the final project, in consultation with the course coordinator, based on their original degree and their own professional and research interests.

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Not all those who refused to participate in killing or injuring animals also abstained from meat consumption.[19] Therefore, the question of Buddhist vegetarianism in the early stages of the development of that religion is controversial. There are two schools of thought. One says that the Buddha and his followers ate meat offered by hosts or alms-givers if they had no reason to suspect that the animal had been slaughtered for them.[20] The other says that the Buddha and his community of monks (sangha) were strict vegetarians and the habit of accepting meat alms was only tolerated later, after a lessening of discipline.[21][22][23]

Theravada Buddhists used to observe the Pali canon regulation that allowed them to eat meat unless the animal had been slaughtered specifically for them.[35][36] In the Mahayana school, some scriptures advocated vegetarianism; a particularly uncompromising one was the famous Lankavatara Sutra written in the 4th or 5th century A.D.[37][38][39]

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“Los sucesos biológicos son procesos, no acontecimientos”, dijo Magnus. “Eso significa que decidir dónde quieres trazar líneas es una decisión que hay que tomar, no algo que hay que descubrir. Así que tenemos que decidir dónde tienen más sentido las líneas”.

“Cuando la gente habla de comenzar en el momento de la concepción, ¿se refiere a cuando el espermatozoide entra por primera vez en contacto con la zona pelúcida del óvulo? ¿Es cuando el material nucleico real, el ADN, empieza a desempeñar un papel, que no es hasta unas pocas divisiones celulares? En algún momento de ese proceso lo llamamos concepción”, dijo Magnus.

KHN (Kaiser Health News) es una redacción nacional que produce periodismo en profundidad sobre temas de salud. Junto con Policy Analysis and Polling, KHN es uno de los tres principales programas operativos de KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation). KFF es una organización sin ánimo de lucro que proporciona información sobre temas de salud a la nación.UTILIZAR NUESTRO CONTENIDOEste artículo puede volver a publicarse gratuitamente (detalles).

Decenas de personas mayores que luchan contra estos problemas -ninguna de ellas pobre según los estándares del gobierno- me escribieron después de que presentara el Índice de Personas Mayores, una medida del coste del envejecimiento, en una columna reciente. Esta herramienta, desarrollada por investigadores del Instituto de Gerontología de la Universidad de Massachusetts-Boston, sugiere que el 54% de las mujeres mayores que viven solas tienen ingresos inferiores a los necesarios para pagar los gastos esenciales. En el caso de los hombres solteros, la cifra es del 45%.

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Briony knew she was right. That was precisely why she loved plays, or at least hers; everyone would love her. As she looked at her cousins, under whose chairs water was pooling and then seeping through the cracks between the boards, she knew they would never understand her ambition. Indulgence softened his tone.

Pierrot looked up at Jackson over his sister’s knees. That warlike name was vaguely familiar, with its whiff of school and adult certainty, but the twins instilled courage in each other.

Avoiding Lola’s gaze all the while, she began to summarize the plot, even though the stupidity of it was beginning to overwhelm her. She had no encouragement left to invent for her cousins the excitement of the first night.

She let the sentence hang, and Briony stared at her, unable to keep from a horrified expression, unable to speak. She knew she was snatching the paper from her, but she couldn’t think of anything to say to get it back. Lola took advantage of Briony’s silence to shore up her advantage.